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Tao blows

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Obviously it's more a 'scene' than a serious restuarant, but I still expected better. Ordered some sushi to start, metallic scallop, iodine uni, and fair ama ebi. My friend got a tiny & generic $10 california roll. Then onto some good dumplings (lobster/shrimp and pork/water chestnut), and spicy braised shrimp w/chive flowers, which was not spicy, for one, and in what was probably a bottled sauce. Ditto for the overcooked long beans in (bottled?) XO sauce. Granted, I didn't try much - the Peking duck is supposed to be good, but I suspect it's just because it's Peking duck, and everyone was getting the steak (filet mignon or kobe beef [$12/oz.] cooked on a hot rock, but that's just a gimmick. Nice room, though.

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