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Mar 31, 2001 04:06 PM


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Does anyone know any update on what's happening w/ Tom Coliccio's CRAFT? Is it ever going to open or have I missed it? Last update I heard was for Dec 2000!

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  1. Larry, NY city search has a review. I think it got 3 stars. Don't quite recollect, but it is open. pat

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      went last sunday and am going back this sunday; service was friendly but our particular waiter not the most confident/smooth/gracious; food was GREAT, the raw tuna was NOT too salty, not as good as any of the 5 tuna's at Yasuda (but what is?), but very good and the raw baby halibut was sublime; morels and hen of the woods were beautiful and made me believe spring is really coming; a piece of pan sauted black sea bass was as good as any cooked fish i've had in NY; deserts were very good, but not, perhaps, quite on the level of the non-sweets.