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Mar 27, 2001 08:41 AM

Need an advice..

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1. I love hip and trendy restaurants, but so far I found there's only two restaurants like these in Manhattan, The Brasserie and Guastavino, anyone else knows any new restaurants in this same category ?

2. I am going to have a date with one of the loveliest girl in town next month. I need your reccomendation between Le Bernadin and Daniel ???

3. Can anyone reccomend a good seafood restaurants (not a steakhouse) in Manhattan ? Where you can eat a whole lobster or tons of shrimps. No.. no.. I don't want red lobster or city crabs. But I don't want gourmet food either, just a plain simple seafood restaurant, like Legal Seafood in Boston ?? Any idea where ?

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  1. Dock's is a good plain seafood restaurant that should fit the bill. There's an upper west side and a mid-town local. They are always packed, so it's best to make a reservation.