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Mar 26, 2001 12:37 PM

Lincoln Center

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I have a client coming in for a show at Lincoln
Center and I need a good recomendation for a resturant around there any ideas?

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    1. re: wheels

      Is Rosa Mexicano by Lincoln Center as good as the one on 59th and 1st? When it first opened, I read several reviews that panned the food at the new Rosa Mexicano. Any opinions? Thanks.

      1. re: Ira Kaplan

        I don't think the food at Rosa Mexicano is so hot. The atmosphere is wonderul, though. What really stands out is their guacamole, but other than that I found the food lackluster and the prices high.

        I agree with the Picholine recommendation. If you're expensing it, there's always Jean-Georges. Gabriel's was good on my last visit, though not quite as good as Picholine. (I haven't been to Jean-Georges, so all I know is their reputation.)

        1. re: gab
          Lou from Queens

          For a very good French Bistro try La Boite en Bois 75 W 68th Street. Good pre-theatre price fix meal at this little hideaway. Need reservations.

    2. Picholine or Shun Lee would be my choices...is this an expense account dinner?

      1. Picholine

        1. Picholine or Cafe des Artistes.

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          1. re: Cherish

            Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!

            It's been mentioned several times...but not lately...that Picholine is badly, badly, badly downhill these days. You may not have been there in a while.

            Used to be a fave of mine. Alas.