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Mar 26, 2001 10:32 AM

What's the best Steakhouse in Manhattan ?

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New Yorkers,

What's the best Steakhouse in New York City ?

Is it Luger, Palm, Dylan Prime, Del Frisco, Sparks ?
Or maybe you guys know a place you want to share with us here ? I am looking to eat the best steak in NYC.

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  1. Well, it isn't Keen's. Rothmann's on 54th Street, between 5th and madison is very good. Angelo's and maxi's on Park Avenue South, MarkJoseph, I have not been to, but the thread about it here was good. (South Street Seaport area) Bull and bear in the Waldorf good.
    Other people will come up with other places. I have never been to Peter Luger's due to it's location.

    1. If you say New York metro then Luger is up there (Brooklyn). In Manhattan, closest to where I live is Ben Bensons, then there is Sparks and many more which others will point out.

      For no nonsense steak Luger is still the place.

      1. just had dinner at wolensky grill on friday night. it was very good and i had a wonderful time.

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          It's not in Manhattan, but still Luger's without a doubt. Do a search on this site - there was a long thread last summer about Luger's ordering strategies etc.

          Another poster mentioned Wollensky Grill - it's not the same class as Luger's for steak (or the same price range for that matter), but I did have really enjoyable roast beef hash (big chunks of potato, yum - crispy outside, mushy inside) there recently.

          1. I went to Mark Joseph on Friday night and had a very good porterhouse. The rest of my table enjoyed it immensely as well. The sides were not anything special (ie, overcooked hash browns, ok brocoli) but the steak was defintely among the best I have had in the City.