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What's the best Steakhouse in Manhattan ?

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New Yorkers,

What's the best Steakhouse in New York City ?

Is it Luger, Palm, Dylan Prime, Del Frisco, Sparks ?
Or maybe you guys know a place you want to share with us here ? I am looking to eat the best steak in NYC.

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  1. Well, it isn't Keen's. Rothmann's on 54th Street, between 5th and madison is very good. Angelo's and maxi's on Park Avenue South, MarkJoseph, I have not been to, but the thread about it here was good. (South Street Seaport area) Bull and bear in the Waldorf good.
    Other people will come up with other places. I have never been to Peter Luger's due to it's location.

    1. If you say New York metro then Luger is up there (Brooklyn). In Manhattan, closest to where I live is Ben Bensons, then there is Sparks and many more which others will point out.

      For no nonsense steak Luger is still the place.

      1. just had dinner at wolensky grill on friday night. it was very good and i had a wonderful time.

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          It's not in Manhattan, but still Luger's without a doubt. Do a search on this site - there was a long thread last summer about Luger's ordering strategies etc.

          Another poster mentioned Wollensky Grill - it's not the same class as Luger's for steak (or the same price range for that matter), but I did have really enjoyable roast beef hash (big chunks of potato, yum - crispy outside, mushy inside) there recently.

          1. I went to Mark Joseph on Friday night and had a very good porterhouse. The rest of my table enjoyed it immensely as well. The sides were not anything special (ie, overcooked hash browns, ok brocoli) but the steak was defintely among the best I have had in the City.

            1. I have been to most of the steak places others have mentioned, except Luger's. In my opinion, Markjoseph is by far the best in Manhattan. The steak is incredible and the wines list is very reasonable in price, by high on quality.

              1. Depends on what you want.

                For pure steak, my vote is with Peter Luger's in Brooklyn. However, consider: Peter Luger's serves up some pretty good lamb chops, a chicken dinner (I wonder who ever orders that) and a fish special (no lobster, though), but I would bet that 95% of orders are steak. Wine list is mediocre, place is crowded and uncomfortable until you get seated, they don't take credit cards (except their own). If what you want is the best steak you'll ever taste, head to Peter Luger's.

                For a great wine list, it's hard to beat Sparks. They also have some interesting history in their favor, that being the place where Paul Castellano did not get to enjoy his last meal (having bought it right outside at the hands of John Gotti). And since their expansion the tables are well-spaced, the room is comfortable and the steaks are pretty good (but not in the Peter Luger's class).

                Problem with Palm for me is that they don't serve up a steak on the bone (no porterhouse or T-bone, for example). That lowers it a notch for me.

                I've had two dinners at Wollensky's, the first being world-class and the second being on the same level as a college cafeteria (IMHO). If you go there and are lucky enough to be seated downstairs and get a good night, you'll have a terrific time. But it's chancy.

                Whenever I have been to Ben Benson's, I've always felt rushed. I feel that unless they know you, you're gonna get the tourist treatment. Which, in my case, means they're never gonna get to know me.

                Had the same feeling at Gallagher's, and it's been a while, so maybe someone else can comment.

                Have had mixed experiences at Morton's, both midtown and downtown. Have had absolutely world-class steaks on one visit, then had what seemed like reheated leftovers on another visit. I do like their room layouts, though, expecially if you can snag a booth. Very comfortable in a masculine sort of way. Also a pretty good wine list, but watch the vintages.

                I like Maloney & Porcelli mainly for the cracklin' pork roast they serve. For a REAL treat, head there (East 50th) and order that instead of a steak. You can share it with your table mates and take the rest home. If you like pork cracklin', you'll swoon over this item.

                For 80% Peter Luger at less than half the price, hie thee on out to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn and try Embers. Huge portions, and I mean HUGE, at 1975 prices.

                I like Keen's but not for steak. I like the ambiance and I always get the mutton chop there, so if steak is the single criterion, skip Keen's. But if you have room and time for a great mutton chop, then Keen's it is.

                Current favorite in Manhattan is MarkJoseph, just north of the South Street Seaport. Open just a couple of months, it is owned and operated by former Luger people. It is far more comfortable than Luger's and it gets great reviews. Very friendly staff and not yet discovered, so no rush at dinner yet. Very nice bar as well, with friendly and knowledgeable bartenders. I've had the steak on one visit and the lamb chops on a second, and I think they are as good or better than anyplace else in the city.

                Good luck...

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                  George, you are right on the money when you say that MarkJoseph is the best steakhouse in Manhattan. I have eaten there twice now and both times my steak was incredible. I have had both the Filet and the Sirloin and highly recommend both. I am looking forward to trying the porterhouse in a future visit. Not only is the food excellent, so is the staff.

                  1. re: Michael
                    Aditya Pradja

                    Do you know the address ?

                    1. re: Aditya Pradja

                      The address for MarkJoseph is 261 Water St, (Just off of Peck Slip). Check the earlier posts on chowhound for more info and the phone number.

                      P.S. Be sure to search for both "markjoseph" and "mark joseph"

                      1. re: michael

                        I must agree with everyone else's remarks pertaining to the relatively new steakhouse "magnate" in the NY area, MarkJoseph Steakhouse. Having lived in NYC for my entire life, I have frequented many steakhouses, Sparks, Mortons, The Palm, Palm Too, and even Luger's- which in my humble opinion has been given too many favorable reviews over the years. Yes, the quality of the meat is incredible, but I was always under the assumption that an enjoyeable dining experience included the service and ambiance as well. The service at Lugers has declined GREATLY over the past few years, making it highly difficult for a paying customer like myself to WANT to dine there. As for the ambiance, there is much to be desired- they should take lessons from MarkJoseph!
                        At MarkJoseph's, not only are the porterhouses delectable, but the menu offers a wide-array of specialties worthy of sampling- the calamari are incredibly fresh and the soups should be sampled as well. The service was professional and entertaining, making my dining experience even all the more better. The wine list is very impressive, and the bar staff very knowledgeable in helping me make a selection to compliment the meal I ordered. The management are polite, outgoing, and succeed in making you feel as though you are about to sit down to a true dining experience. All in all, MarkJoseph is my choice in the steakhouse battle- a new way to enjoy the juciest, most flavorful cuts of meat,... in style!
                        PS I heard from the New York Magazine Article that some of the staff from Luger's went to MarkJoseph? That's incredibly hard to believe, the atmosphere is completely different- friendly, not something I ever encountered across the bridge! Maybe it isn't the staff, maybe it is Luger's that made them like that! Luger's should see their old staff operate in the new environment of MarkJoseph Steakhouse.

                        1. re: Joy
                          George Lynch

                          We were back at MarkJoseph this past Friday night with friends and had another great dinner (although we all thought that the special lamb chops one of us ordered had too much fat). But the rest of us ordered steak for three, in the Luger's style, and were not disappointed.

                          We dined, drank and chatted merrily from about 6:30 until after 10:30 and had a wonderful time. I decided to post this because I very much agree with your remark about a total dining experience including the service and ambiance.

                          In fact, I'm going to start another thread about that very topic on the General Board.

                          But as far as MarkJoseph, I really hope they don't end up victims of plain old bad timing. It really is a fine restaurant, run professionally, with a lot of style and comfort.

                  2. re: George Lynch
                    Melissa Jackson

                    Undeniably Spark's has a great wine list, but the one time I dined there, the service was so bad that there's no chance I'd ever go back.

                    Once my friend and I arrived (5:30pm on a Tuesday with no reservation) the maitre'd made eye contact with us no less than 4 times but still did not seat us in the empty dining room. After standing there for 6 or 7 minutes without so much as a greeting or a "May I help you" from anyone I ASKED to be seated and was asked if I had a reservation.

                    He seemed reluctant to seat us at all despite the fact that there was no one else there. Finally we were seated and about 5 minutes afterward, a waiter managed to douse my friend with icewater when he knocked her glass over, which I'm certain was an accident and was made up for with two free slices of cheesecake and a LOT of cloth napkins. At the end of dinner, I paid our $148.00 check and we left the restaurant, again, unacknowledged.

                    Although the food was excellent, we were treated with less than the exemplary service the restaurant is known for. I'm loathe to make any accusations, but it just so happens that both my friend and I are non-white, but there are so many other reasons, none of them valid that this could have happened.

                    Be that as it may, I'd never recommend this restaurant to anyone of any colour.

                    1. re: Melissa Jackson

                      I'd never recommend this place to anyone of any color if you want courteous service. Sparks has long been known to be "neglectful" of waiting clientele. Reservations mean absolutely nothing. Expect to wait a bare minimum of 30 minutes past your reservation time regardless of how crowded or empty the place is. Snob appeal or some crap like that.
                      Interestingly, one of the NY tabloids ran a story about "bribes" to maitre'ds at NY restaurants. The account of the bribe at Sparks was the funniest I read. Put it this way: the maitre'd there was VERY experienced in the art and almost solicited it.