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Mar 24, 2001 06:04 PM

Union Square Area - thoughts on good places

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Am visiting NYC need week and in need of inspiration!
Any help would we appreciated.

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  1. There are lots of good restaurants in this neighborhood-not inexpensive.Tops of all,for me, is Gramercy Tavern-walk in and have lunch at the bar.Also,Union Pacific,Bar Demi,Toqueville,City Bakery....go to Citysearch for addresses...And I left out at least 10 more places.Go to the Old Town Bar for a drink and a bit of time travel.

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      Gramercy Tavern, for sure. Best in show. Olives is pretty marvelous, though some chowhounds think Todd English uses too many ingredients (?!). Chicama and Pipa are Douglas Rodriguez's next wave in the Nuevo Latino craze he started. Patria is where that began, and his old pal Andrew DiCataldo is holding forth with more grace and great flavors. Tocqueville is very nice, lower in scale (though not in price)--the place feels rather like a visit to Martha's Vineyard. Again, all addresses are at

      Bon app├ętit!