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Mar 22, 2001 12:32 PM

steak tartare?

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been hankering for a tasty platter lately, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation as to where to turn. once upon a time, i would've hightailed it to PJ Clarke, but the last couple times i've gone the burger route there, i've been distinctly underwhelmed...

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    Asher Rubinstein

    Although I haven't been there in a couple of years, Les Halles on Park Avenue in the high 20's made a good steak tartare platter.

    Lately, I've really enjoyed the steak tartare at Angelo & Maxie's on Park in the low 20's. It's made tableside, with the diner selecting the combination and amount of onions, salt, capers and other additions.

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    1. re: Asher Rubinstein

      I don't really care for the Steak Tartare at Angelo & Maxies. They add a boatload of garlic, which to my mind does not belong in the dish at all.

      My favorite is at Blue Ribbon on Sullivan Street. Very simple, the way it should be.

      1. re: Rob

        I agree...the Steak Tartare at Blue Ribbon rocks! And if you want it spicier or with more onions or whatever....they are happy to do it that way for you. They serve it with Gaufrettes potatoes...which are homemade waffled potato chips. Use the Gaufrettes as a crouton medium to eat the tartare with. So delicious!

        1. re: Qbis

          yup, blue ribbon!!! (just don't read the news reports before you go!)

          1. re: j.

            Cafe des Artistes does a wonderful classic steak tartare. (Not to mention the lovely and whimsical ambiance.) (1 West 67th Street)

    2. The steak tartare at Olives in the W Hotel (17th st) blew me away. The dish comes served on olive oil mashed potatos in a truffle vinagrette with shaved truffles and a quail yolk on top....ahhh the decadence!

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        Savannah O. Conheady

        My favorite is Soho steak's version, excellent, my friend took a picture of it so she could remember it when she moved to Maine. Secondly, Chazal in the (20's and Madison I think) has a great one too, and don't forget 21's, a classic.