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Mar 22, 2001 10:12 AM

Best Steamed/Baked Pork Buns Debate?

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Did anyone catch the Time Out C'town issue a couple of weeks back where one of the writers extolled the virtues of the buns that can be found at a coffee shop called Mei Lai Wah (64 Bayard)?

I tried 'em and thought they were par - - can't knock 'em, but not necessarily 'return destination' eats.

Any other thoughts as to where the best buns can be had?

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  1. I saw the same article and was surprised because I have had their buns and really did not like them. Buns vary so much from restaurant to restaurant. However, I have found that buns from the bakeries usually taste better. although i'm not sure if they sell steamed ones, i always buy the baked ones. the best i have had is from a bakery off of Bowery, north of the chinese theater towards Orchard Street. it is on the outskirts of chinatown.

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      Does anyone know of any bakery that ships pork buns? This is one of the shortcomings of moving out of NY. The food out here leaves a lot to be desired. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Mei Lei Wah used to make a good steamed 'house bun',or dai bao.Many teahouses make variations on this bun,which usually includes a half hard boiled egg,sausage,chicken,pork,and sometimes,dried mushroom.It's a great cheap meal...$1.00 in most places!