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Mar 22, 2001 09:38 AM

Any Good Breakfast Near Foley Square?

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Nobody responded to my post about Lox & Bagel near Foley Square, so I am widening my search. Any good breakfast spots near Foley Square? I will be staying at W.Broadway & Chambers and walking to the Federal Courthouse, so any suggestions in the area would be most welcome.

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  1. Try Kitchennette on W. Broadway one block south of Chambers (I forget the name of the cross street). It's gotten some very bad reviews here, but I've eaten bbreakfast there a lot, and never been disappointed.

    1. I work literally a stone's throw from where you'll be staying and unless I'm missing something, there just isn't a Barney Greengrass type of place around here. There's hope for you yet, though. You can get very good, very heavy comfort food meals at Kitchenette (corner of W.Broadway & Warren), and classic coffee shop fare at Ellen's Cafe (corner of Church & Chambers). Petite Abeille on West Broadway at Duane (I think) does a really good salmon omelette, but I'm not sure how early they open. There's also a Stage Deli on Vesey just past Broadway, but I haven't tried it.

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        Mary Shaposhnik

        Pork buns! (See the pork bun thread a ways down the Manhattan board (and the inquiry above)). Or noodles! Or any other Chinese breakfast -- Chinatown is immediately behind the courthouse, really the closest food of all to Foley Square (go down Worth Street to get there).

        If that's not your thing, Bouley Bakery has a good simple breakfast of baked good, good coffee, and a really good fruit salad. Pricey at $9 (think how many pork buns that could buy...) but high quality and a surprisingly large amount of food. On W. Broadway, just above Chambers.