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Mar 22, 2001 05:04 AM

Scalinatella; superb meal for my wife's 50th; Only negative the wine prices

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Following chat on the board chose Scalinatella for my wife's 50th; her first visit to New York; we live in UK.

The meal was excellent; I have never tasted pasta like that before. The only negative was the wine prices; in UK we pay £15-£20 for a good bottle at Scalinatella the cheapest was $57 and I nearly ordered the $300 by mistake. However a great evening

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. Scalinatella has some of the best Italian food in Manhattan and fantastic service, but the wine list is absurdly expensive. It is also sorely lacking in bottles from southern Italy which has been producing some great wines since the 1997 vintage.

    1. Phil,
      Glad to hear everything(minus wine) went great. You're not getting off that easy though. What did you both have? Apps? Main? 2-3 courses? Fill me in...