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Mar 21, 2001 06:28 PM

E. 90s

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Fellow chowhounders,
We would love anyone's recommendation for a good chowhound place in the E. 90s. We have theater tickets for a show at 91 St and 1 Avenue for Friday. Help appreciated.


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  1. I haven't been up there lately. IIRC the last time I had a job up there was over 1 1/2 years ago (summer of 1999). That said, the Thai restaurant on 87th St. (or was it 86th?) on the east side of 1st seemed particularly good, though I never was there at the right time to eat a full meal (I had stuff like tom yam gung, nam pla, and some Thai salads I think). If you want dirt-cheap Indian food with no ambiance, there was a good taxi-stand type of place on the southeast corner of 91st and 1st, Punjabi style as I recall. Nothing else comes to mind except that I liked the bakery on the east side of 1st that I think I remember was between 87th and 88th. But it doesn't stay open late and certainly is not for dinner.

    Oh yes. There's an Italian restaurant on 92nd and Lexington that I ate at once. Nothing special, just a neighborhood place that was quite acceptable.

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      Since El Pollo closed, the only places that come to mind are somewhat more upscale. Luca, a pleasant spot with very tasty Italian food at about 88/89th and First, and Dakshin (a branch of the one at Ninth Ave.) for quite good Indian food that's not expensive for that area. They're across the street from each other.