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Mar 21, 2001 03:46 PM

does anyone know a "good" indian lunch buffet in manhattan?

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any suggestions??? preferably near time square.

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  1. I really like Diwan Grill, on East 48th Street, which is about a 15 minute walk from Times Square. Closer to Times Sq is Shaan, at 48th b/w 5th and 6th Aves, but I haven't been there in a number of years.

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      Shaan was still good as of about six months ago. Also good, but somewhat different, is the newer Utsav at Sixth and 46th Street, a bit closer to Times Square.

      1. re: AHR

        is this place a buffet?

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          To Bob - Shaan used to have a lunch buffet. The restaurant's phone number is (212) 977-8400, in case you want to call and check if the lunch buffet is still offered.

          To AHR - Could you write a bit about Utsav? I've never been there, but I pass it frequently. My impression is that it is "modern" Indian (e.g., Tamarind, Raga) rather than traditional. Is this correct?


      2. It's not that close to times square, but my favorite in NY is The Bay Leaf on 56th btwn 5 & 6.

        1. Also nowhere near times square, but excellent and varied-Salaam Bombay (not cheap though, it's no 4.95 lunch buffet) 319 Greenwich St near the WTC. Have not been there in a couple of months but it never fails to impress.

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            yvonne johnson

            if this resataurant is still owned by the man who owned Atithi (no longer in the village): before tipping you may want to ask the waiter if he/she is allowed to keep the tip. my experience at Atithi was that waiters did not receive any of the tips. Just a thought.

          2. Jewel of India 44th between 5th & 6th. However my
            last visit was a year or so ago.

            1. Bukhara Grill on 49th (2&3) absolutely rocks. Several of my friends who have been to the one in Bombay swear by it.