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Mar 21, 2001 03:11 PM

Hudson Cafeteria

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Has anyone eaten at the Cafeteria restaurant in the Hudson hotel. A friend of mine is interested in going and i was hoping to get more details such as , prices, food, atmosphere. I have my doubts about this fancy hotel.


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  1. b
    Brendan Taylor

    I went there a few days before it opened (my friend was there for work and took me along) - I mention this because maybe they have cleaned up their act or gotten a new chef, but it was a real disapointment. The food was trying to be everything to everybody. Kitschy things like Mac & Cheese (may not have been that, but something similar) to Cassoulet and Thai dishes. I think the idea was something from everywhere. Everything I had was really mediocre. The caassoulet, in particular tasted like a bunch of white beans with a soggy duck leg that had been put in the microwave for a few minutes. To it's credit, the staff was not aloof as I would have imagined them, but actually pretty friendly. If you do end up going, the Hudson Library really is neat and worth having a drink in.

    1. y
      yvonne johnson

      i know not everyone agrees with me, but i like Grimes and his review (12/27/00, and very funny) put me off going.
      One delicacy he compared to "toxic waste". not surprisingly he rated the restaurant "poor"
      Service: "not very knowledgeable, but friendly and eager to please"
      Atmosphere: "new age diner food and global fushion dishes served in a highly stylized room".

      ps: it might be worth going. when things are that horrible, they can turn entertaining.