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Mar 20, 2001 07:42 PM

GREAT SCOTT! I had a great meal at Mary's Fish Shack!

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St. Patricks day called for a taste of summah, as I like to call it. My friends and I started over at the Blind Tiger Ale House for some pints of the Blind Faith. A relaxing walk with some of our favorite herbs to keep us company. Fortified, we headed over to Mary's Fish Shack. Mary was definitly "in the house" when we ordered our perfectly poured pints of Hefe-Weizen, served with chunks of fresh lemon. Reeking of fine herbs brought a giggle from the wait staff. We made our order of lobster rolls. The cordial and smiling wait staff obliged with our delicious lunch, a toasted bun, slicked with butter and that exceptional lobster meat, redolent of the sea. A pile of matchstick "belgian" french fries topped the plate. Originally I thought of the "lobster pot pie" but the day called for summah, not wintah.

Altogether a fine lunch. Guinness' at the cigarette choked Corner Bistro filled the afternoon. A fine day of drunken joy.

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    Barrie Covington

    Are the prices the same for lunch as for dinner? Thanks to the Chowhound tip-off, we managed to have a lovely dinner there before it became swamped. First rate lobster roll. However, had a glass of wine around the size of a shot glass for over $7.

    Thought I might pop-in for lunch this week, and was curious.

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    1. re: Barrie Covington

      The prices for most of the dishes are the same for lunch and dinner (i.e.: $18 lobster roll), but there is a slightly different menu (i.e.: the clam roll is only available at lunch). Be aware, lunch has caught on as well. When I went to lunch there about 3 weeks ago, there was a line at 12:30. Go solo, however, and you can get the random single seat at the bar with no waiting (provided, of course there is a random, single seat available).

      1. re: marionr

        I've been to Mary's Fish camp twice (both times for lunch) since it opened, and both times I was a bit disappointed. The service was very slow and the place seemed understaffed. Also - and this is just a personal peeve - the restaurant opened 10 minutes late both times I was there, forcing myself and others to wait in the cold on the sidewalk (this is also a problem at Pearl Oyster Bar). At Pearl, I always seem to get my food in a reasonable time with few mistakes. At Mary's, I've gotten a salad with no dressing and soggy french fries with my lobster roll. It takes forever to order and almost as long to get a refill on beverages or to get some bread. The food is fine. The lobster roll is exactly the same as at Pearl and the lobster pot pie was rich, with generous chunks of lobster. I think Mary's is just going through the new-restaurant growing pains and I'll go back again in a month or so to see if the restaurant has its problems ironed out. Mary's has one advantage over Pearl: It's open for lunch on Saturday and you can get a table or spot at the bar if you're there right at noon - if they open on time, that is.

        1. re: Ira Kaplan

          I love lobster rolls, and have eaten them up and down the East Coast. The one at Mary's Fish Camp is certainly delicious: buttery toasted roll, heaps of tender lobster and not too much mayo. Fries were great too, if a bit greasy. But $18 is simply too much for this lobster roll, I'm afraid. I could get it in the Hamptons (Lobster Roll, Napeague) for less, which is rarely the case! My dining companion's bouillabaise was delicious, the service was very friendly and fast, but I don't think I'll be back.

          1. re: Lizzie

            This doesn't seem to far out of line for this time of year. On Cape Cod, during the summer when lobsters are MUCH cheaper, a good roll without fries is $12+. You also need to factor in the relative costs of running a restaurant in the different venues.

            1. re: Pat Goldberg

              At Pearl Oyster Bar, the estranged sister of the Fish Camp, the lobster roll is listed as ``market price'' on the menu. One assumes that when lobsters are cheap and plentiful, the price of Mary's lobster rolls will indeed go down.

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      Andreea Niculescu

      We should do justice to its actual name, not to mention to those trying to find listings about it. Went there last Friday night, waited for an hour, and the food, atmosphere and service were worth every penny and minute. We even bought T-shirts, and were Mary's first customers to do so. Wahoo!