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Mar 19, 2001 11:48 PM

Wine & Cheese?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a great wine & cheese bar? I heard that Terrence Brennan of Picholine was planning on opening one, is this true?

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  1. Yes it is to be called Artisanal, but its opening date keeps getting pushed back. "Spring" 2001 was the last I heard. For the record, the one time I was there, I found the cheese tray at Picholine to be fairly underwhelming. Hopefully, Brennan will be able to do better when he has his own aging cave in his new place.

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      Max is the Fromagier at Picholine, and they already have an aging cave.

    2. Starting last year, the front room of Gramercy Tavern is open the entire afternoon where they serve a paired down menu. Having been to both Picholine and Gramercy Tavern numerous times, I have to say that Gramercy Tavern has a superior cheese service. I just had dinner at Gramercy this past Thursday night (a review is soon to follow) and the cheese selection was fantastic. Most importantly each cheese was perfectly aged. If you go to Gramercy be sure to fill out the card that adds you to their mailing list. Throught the year they host the best cheese and wine tastings I have been to in Manhattan. The best cheeses that I recently had at Gramercy were, the Berkshire Blue, Shropshire Blue, a perfectly aged and runny Vacherin Mont d'Or, and delicious cheese from Corsica called Brin D'Amour. This is a fantastic ewe's milk cheese that is covered in rosemary, thyme, and coriander seeds, giving it a subtle flavor. The wine list at Gramercy is very good as well with many reasonably priced bottles.

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        Great suggestion. Will check it out. Thanks!