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Mar 19, 2001 05:09 PM

New Restaurant Called "CRAFT" !

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Anyone been to this eatery? Its based on a "novel idea" of selecting foods/ingredients from a 'healthy' array of choices and designing your own dinner.
Sounds intriguing and it has piqued my taste buds so if you have any info, please pass-it-on....

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  1. CRAFT is Tom Colicchio's new restaurant. Tom is also the chef at Gramercy Tavern. The menu is broken into fish, meat, vegetables and condiments, and the food is served family-style.

    Sorry to say I haven't been there yet, but I'm sure other 'hounds have....

    1. There was, within the past two weeks, a good excha nge of views of Craft on this board. It is always a good idea to search the back discussions when you are in need of a review of a particular restaurant or recommendations about good restaurants in a particular area. The search tool is in the upper right hand corner of the chowhound home page. I hope this helps you in the future.

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        I used the search function as you suggested and didn't find anything much on Craft at all on the 1st 2 pages of the search engine, so where is this lively discussion? I'd like to hear from people on this board who have eaten there.

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          Many, MANY thanks for the 'education' I haven't upset the scheme of things and will 'do it' better in the future.

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            Address and phone #
            of restaurant

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          wendy jackson

          I spoke to someone who was there opening night, and here are his comments: Service was great, concept doesn't quite work. He ordered an octopus (or was it squid) dish. At the waiter's suggestion, he selected frisee and white beans as his sides. All three items came on separate plates, which he didn't particular like - it seemed somehow disjointed. The food however, was tasty and simply prepared, the seafood nicely charred from the grill and very fresh.

          Let us know how your experience is if you go!