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Mar 14, 2002 12:51 PM

Chinese Restaurants in SF

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I'll be visiting SF for business soon and am interested in hearing about the most interesting places in town for Chinese food.

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  1. Empress of China located in Chinatown is definently a must if visiting San Francisco. The decor and atmosphere along with the view are worth atleast visiting the resturant itself. The food is exceptional.



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      What a nice surprise to read recommendations for Empress! From the day it opened, it was regarded by most local food-lovers as primarily for "gringos," who would pay more for "ambiance" and wouldn't know--or perhaps even enjoy--good, authentic Chinese food if it bit them on the tongue.

      I went there only once, many years ago, against my will, with visiting relatives.

      Perhaps the influx of overseas Chinese in the years since then and the proliferation of restaurants catering to demanding palates has had a positive influence.

      As I've posted before, I find Great Eastern reliable if rather dear for live seafood and other specialties.

    2. Howdy -- I hope you'll be able to find a couple of good places for Chinese food in this recent thread. (Link provided below.)

      If you have any preference for a particular regional styles, let us know; it'll help us zero in on specific places.

      Do come back and tell us where you went, and how the food was.

      Happy chowing!


      1. One the most difficult questions I've gotten over the years is the best Chinese restaurant in SF. I doubt if there really is a *best*, since tastes are so subjective. I would advise Chinese from New York much differently than rednecks from Texas. It depends on what type of food you prefer. I will agree with the earlier post that all things equal, you can't go wrong at Empress of China...good food, reasonable prices, nice ambiance, good service, great view. I may prefer a more *earthy* place for myself, but when I have company, its the Empress. There are some small places that have lousy food but loyal clientel...I would avoid them (House of Nanking, for example).