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Mar 18, 2001 05:25 PM

50th & Broadway

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Need suggestions for great places to eat. Coming to town beginning of April. Help!!

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  1. The trick is to give us as much information as possible about what you like to eat and pricerange.
    There is just too much good eats in Manhattan for us to give blind recommendations.

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    1. re: Jayask

      This wasn't my post but since the Michelangelo Hotel is at 51st and 7th and I will be staying there this weekend I would love to have some insight into the food world in the area. We are looking for a quick lunch when we arrive and perhaps a nice place for dessert or coffee after the theater. Thanks!

      1. re: Theresa

        The oft-mentioned Grand Sichuan International is right between 50th and 51st on 9th Ave, just a couple blocks away. A quick chowsearch will provide you with an avalanche of posts on descriptions and many order recs.


      2. re: Jayask

        something fun, casual, different, romantic, and not outrageously $$$