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Mar 14, 2001 09:52 AM

Dining with clients

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Where's a great place (not stuffy) to take a client around Grand Central? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. Not that I've ever been there for business, but I think that the Grand Central Oyster Bar is a great olde New York kind of place, equally conducive to conversation and business. And the location couldn't be more convenient.

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    1. re: Seth Ditchik

      This is a sincere and from-the-heart warning: stay away from the Oyster Bar. The food is mediocre and the service is worse -- certainly not worth the price, even if you're on an expense account. If you do a search on this site, you'll find a discussion of its merits (or lack thereof) that I believe will ultimately steer you away from the Oyster Bar.

      For entertaining clients, there's Cibo (Italian) at 2nd Avenue, just south of 42nd Street; Hatsuhana (Japanese) on 48th Street between Park and Madison; Inagiku (Japanese) on 49th Street between Lexington and Park; Metrazur and Michael Jordan's right in Grand Central (haven't been to either); Patroon (steakhouse) on 46th Street between Third & Lexington; Peacock Alley (French) at the Waldorf, on Lexington between 49th & 50th.

    2. Cafe Centro, located within the Grand Central complex in the base of the Metlife Building on 45th and Vanderbuilt Ave. Very comprehensive menu, good specials, nice wine list, good setting. Ask for Eric Pennys, the General Manager and say hello for me.

      1. there's always michael jordan's; perfectly acceptable steak and you can't beat the setting.

        .. but think about tse yang, on 51st between park and madison (right next door to sushisay). very well done decor, especially the wonderful aquarium. elegant chinese dining, nice wine list, discreet but attentive service.

        1. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Oyster Bar- but I will NEVER again go for a client lunch- simply too noisy. My canteen has become the Bryant Park Grill 42nd Between 5&6). Lots of choices, nothing to set the world on fire, but completely appropriate for a client lunch.
          I also do like some of the mentioned spots, but I steer clear of anything that might pose a dietary nightmare- such as ethnic food- unless I know the client.

          1. If these are out-of-towners, I'd take them to Metrazur on one of the balconies within Grand Central itself. I like the food, but it's the view of the restored ceiling and station that makes it really special.

            I'd second the suggestion of Cafe Centro, I've had a number of good meals there. And also in the Pan Am Building, Tropica for seafood with a Caribbean touch.