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Mar 14, 2001 07:18 AM

Hell's Kitchen 9th Ave.

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We went to Hell's Kitchen (9th Ave & 47th) last night. We sat at the bar for dinner. They start you off with these thin corn cakes that look like pita triangles accompanied by a black bean dip. I rarely like black beans especially in dip, but this was good. I think it was the scallion and something else that gave it a nice sharpness. We had the rock shrimp appetizer which was really good it had a corriander sauce but was not over powering at all, the salad with a plantain cake, it was average, and for the entree we shared the grilled salmon over a corn tamal and a raft of hericotverts, which was very good. I recommend anyone in the area to give it a try. Also - our margaritas were nice, a bit strong but smooth. The bartender was excellent. We will go back.

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