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Mar 13, 2001 01:18 PM

Neighborhood Dining 71st and 3rd?

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I'm from Florida and have my favorite restaurants, but most are in midtown and downtown. Now I have the luxury of renting an apartment for a full month -- May 1 to June 1 at 71st and 3rd. Looking for suggestions for lunch or dinner in the area or within say 12 to 15 blocks. (Yes, I know there are hundreds of restaurants in that area and have checked Zagat's and others). I'm really looking for all types of food and any price category that would qualify as "if I were in your neighborhood, I wouldn't miss this one."

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  1. Uskudar(2nd Ave b/w 73rd and 74th) - excellent, reasonably priced Turkish food. When I'm in the area, I make it a point to dine there.

    1. Cafe Biano, 2nd and 77th (not terrific food, but nice atmosphere, and cheap)

      Pamir, 2nd and 74th (closed Mondays), excellent Afghani place, where I've been going for years.

      Etats Unis, 81st (I think) and 2nd Ave, contemporary, pricey American, but very good food.

      Baluchis, Indian. I like this branch, at 81st and 1st.

      Sable's (take out and sit down, not a dinner place) has excellent tuna and lobster salads. It's on 2nd and 76th or so.

      1. Etats Unis is one of my favorite places. Small menu which changes frequently on the basis of what's in season and fresh, interesting wine list,friendly service.Try their chocolate souffle. They also have a wine bar across the street where you can also dine for less.

        1. Some of the best dinners I've had in NY were at Cafe Crocodile that is located in a townhouse at 354 E. 74th St. The food is "Mediterranean" (a bit Provencal, a bit Egyptian, a bit Greek), and heavenly, the atmosphere is casual, and Andree and Charlie (she cooks, he's the maitre d') are lovely people, and ... it's well worth a visit.

          Andree is an old friend of mine so it gives me great pleasure to recommend her unique restaurant.