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Mar 13, 2001 07:05 AM

best place for breakfast around the Pennslyvania hotel

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staying this weekend (16/17/18 March) in New York for first time - fiance's birthday on Friday - need to start the day with a nice breakfast something romantic - however needs to be somewhere between 33rd and 7th and 30th and 12th.

Help please

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  1. Yikes. That's about the least romantic 15 block area in the city. I can't think of a single good place for breakfast in that area much less a romantic place. I work right on 8th between 33rd & 34th, and finding lunch spots is nigh near impossible. Does it have to be in that area? Maybe someone else can come up with something.

    1. Rob,
      I used to work in the area and my advice: get on the subway located steps from your hotel. You won't find ANYTHING even remotely romantic. The A/C/E train will take you to Chelsea and the West Village, which are just minutes away by train and will suit your needs better.