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Mar 12, 2001 10:27 AM

Siu Cheung - YES!!

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Over the weekend I went to Siu Cheung, the "awesome Chinatown meat market" that Steven Stern posted about some months back, and I agree 100% with his assessment: go there! Now! It's a real gem - spotless, well-organized, and very cheap with a huge selection. I spent about 40 minutes just browsing around the various coolers. I bought some of their partially prepared meats: spareribs in black bean sauce with chilis (2.99/lb), minced pork with preserved vegetables (2.29/lb), and marinated flank steak (4.79/lb), which we cooked up that night with a bit of extra garlic - it was delicious. Really, really delicious. I was pretty package-laden by the time I stopped in and didn't get any of the soup dumplings or fresh wontons, but they looked great. Topping it all off, the fellow behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. Once again...go now!

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    1. re: bob

      It's at 89 Mulberry, just south of Canal.

      It's right in the dead center of tourist Chinatown, yet somehow on a fairly untrafficed block. Despite the huge selection, it's a relatively tiny place.

      Glad other people picked up on this tip--reminds me that I need to go back and stock up again.

      The duck wontons I bought on my last trip were eaten in soup: a leek wilted in peanut oil, homemade chicken stock added, and Sinofied with sesame oil and white pepper. This was the wonton soup I've been dreaming about all my life...and it took less than 15 minutes to make!

      I would advise against the pre-cut marinated chicken: tasted a little off to me.

      The black-bean spare rib tips rule, though.

    2. I went as well for the second time recently and I feel the need to raise the glass if you will to this find. Its pretty cool. How bout those Duck tongues? Strangest thing I've seen behind cellophane. I like the prepared food as well. the black bean spareribs w/chilies gets my vote.

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        andrew reibman

        there is another excellent butcher, impeccably clean, with a similar array of items (snakes anyone? :-) located on the south side of bayard west of mott. Later in the week i'll try to stop in to sieu cheung and compare...