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Mar 10, 2001 08:11 PM


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I have heard so much about Il Bagatto, but I have tried twice in the last week to dine there. However on both occasions I was rudely greeted by the guy who sits a the desk just in front of the desk. Neither time I had a reservation, instead I was just looking for an opening or to be on the list for a table when one came up. Unfortunately, this all mighty guy had no interest in dealing with me. His response the first time was that it could be an hour or more but if he forgot about us it would be even longer and tonight his response was that the had reservations until 11 pm, and that they had not decided how long they were going to hold tables for people with reservations (the restaurant was half empty at that point) and that we might end up waiting until 10:30 anyway (It was 7:15).

I am not discounting Il Bagatto as a good restaurant, I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this same problem with this guy.

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  1. never had a problem with him, but i never go there without a reservation. i will say that every time i've called for reservations, they'v ebeen very accomodating.

    1. Yes, I too found the guy at the desk rather rude. I and my group of 4 enjoyed the food. But I really do wish that the next time we come to NYC we will have a pleasant person at the desk- should we chose to dine there again.

      Restaurants are places of business where people pay to eat. I really feel that polite staff are an asset. One has to remember that NYC has people visiting from all over the world. and yes sometimes one's personal preferences stick out but when we are in a job involving interfacing with the public, we have to put all that aside and treat the paying public in a proper way.