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Mar 8, 2001 12:36 PM

penn station

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a couple of days a week i go through penn station, and i'm wondering if this is a chowhound wasteland. (it feels nothing like grand central, that's for sure.) i've tried "Hot and Crispy" (?)-a baker, sandwich place--and "central market" next door in the main concourse. the sandwiches are ok, but is there anything else? I'm looking for something to go, not a sit down.

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  1. it is a wasteland. if you have time to go above-ground, there's Bruce's Burgers in the "alley" next to K-mart. they serve great burgers -- beef or grilled chicken -- and fries. there's a good salad bar called Ashby's on SE corner of 7th ave and 36th Street. across the street is hale and hearty.

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      yvonne johnson

      i thought i might have to emerge from the hell-hole to get something decent. thanks for your recs. i'll be trying them.

    2. I work near Penn Station and I would suggest going to the Penn Deli on the Western side of the station which faces 8th Avenue. In the back there is a sushi "bar" that makes a real tasty, Spicy Chicken Udon Soup. If you try it, let me know what you think.


      1. europan cafe inside penn station looks really clean and fresh from the outside but i find that its is not that great... i went in to get a simple turkey sandwich on foccasia bread.. the bread was very hard.. the mayo at the counter looked crusty and old.. and why pay $6 for such an awful sandwich.. i am really not impressed.. why open a cafe if you cannot keep the food fresh and serve customers properly.. i am convinced that the bread was a few days old... focaccia has never tasted so awful