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Mar 13, 2002 07:20 PM

The best Griled Fish joint in the City...!

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The prix fixed menu on the front of Alamo Square Seafood grill looked so enticing when i biked past it yesterday on my way to Rosomande Burger Day. Then i searched the board and found out know one who reviewed it liked it. The Pacific Grill on Geary sounds good, but then I was told about the wonders of Sam's Grill and Tadich.
But the people who reviewed these two places on City search all gave them either five stars of zero stars. So I trust only you (and me) to point me in the right starting direction for your recomendations for an exceptional grilled fish. I have to keep it under 20 so aqua is out of the question. Any experiances would help me decide which one to try.

By the way, not to beat a dead horse but about the infamous Tuesday Burger day at Rosomonde but...why go anywhere else: At absolute best, a burger can only be 30% better then the one I just ate Rosomonde. And at 4.00, there is no excuse to spend double the money on a only slightly better burger at some nice resteraunt. Rosomonde did not make the single best burger i have ever eaten, but it's 4 dollar tag still closed the book on where to eat one.

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    Steve MacArthur

    Sorry Ryan, I wasn't able to follow your stream of consciousness at all.

    Yours truly,


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      sorry, i guess it didnt work. How bout this-

      Which has best fish: Sam's, Tadich, Pacific Cafe, or Alamo Square?

      P.S. Rosomonde Burger = good

      your truly,
      Ernest Hemingway

      1. re: ryan
        Nathan Landau

        Faulkner is more entertaining. But for San Francisco maybe Dashiell Hammett (my apologies in advance to his heirs and assigns):

        "I went to the joint they said on Bush St. It looked like a dark and dingy place, better for a stiff shot than a tender tuna. I knew some hard guys that liked to hang out here, at least they used to before they started hanging out at San Quentin. But people who knew said it had the best grilled fish in the city ..."

        1. re: Nathan Landau

          Must agree with all the comments above: we dropped by on Sunday night and had the $11! prix fixe! Delicious, savory, fragrant lentil soup. Very simple grilled snapper dish for the entree, with excellent green beans, wild rice and a grilled tomato. Then a delicate dessert, with lemon and raspberry mousse layered between ladyfingers soaked in liqueur. All simple, all delicious, and did I mention it came to $11!?

          1. re: mizchalmers

            And the name of the restaurant is ....!

            1. re: Fine

              Oops! Sorry. It's the Alamo Square Grill.

              1. re: mizchalmers

                And did you mention how much the prix fixe dinner was? ;)

        2. re: ryan

          Sam's Grill...but I can't order anything but Sand Dabs, small, boned, swimming in butter with a bland boiled potato. Heaven!

          1. re: ryan

            My vote goes to Sam's, with Tadich a close second. Sam's is a bit cozier and isn't crammed with tourists. Great fish, and waiters that came with the building. The menu hasn't changed much over the years either.

          2. re: Steve MacArthur

            Gee, Faulkner, I had no problem following his email. But, then again, I did take a class on Faulkner once upon a time. I also teach fifth grade, so I can decipher just about anything. As for the grilled fish, I happen to love Alamo Square Grill. Their prix fixe is a real deal. Prices overall are pretty good, and once the brusque French waitress gets to know you, she's pretty nice. Their Charcuterie plate is a great deal for an appetizer. You get a lot for your money (thick slab of country style pate, cornichons, etc.). I always enjoy my meal there. It's not Aqua, but neither are the prices. You might as well try it. You may not be wowed, but you won't have a horrible experience either.

          3. Sam's? Tadich? I was aware anyone had eaten in those places since Dashiell Hammett.

            Pacific Cafe is a nice low key place. Everyone I've taken there has enjoyed it. Nothing sensational, and don't get there too late or you'll wait a long time.

            I used to enjoy the Hayes St. Grill; haven't been in a while, but everything's fresh and the fries are great. The sauces are simple. Prices are fairly high. Great selection of wines by the glass.

            The best grilled fish place I know is the Fishwife in Seaside (Monterey County). Fresh, deliious, friendly, and way cheap. On a sunny day, what's 100 miles down the coast?

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            1. re: Windy

              Sorry...but Hammett ate at John's Grill on O'Farrell. Used to be great, but they had a fire a few years back and it was never the same.