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Mar 7, 2001 09:09 AM


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What are people's thoughts on Lamarca (22nd street at 3 rd ave). I have heard mixed reviews, but have always wanted to try it.

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    Barrie Covington

    I've never eaten there, but I know that it is the only place that my Parisian friend would buy her bread, if that helps at all!

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      I eat at Lamarca often, not because the food is great but because there are so few choices in the area for a decent, inexpensive lunch. The pastas aren't bad, but the sauces all start to taste alike after you've eaten there a few times. The dinner prix-fixe menu is a bargain.
      The soups are very good. Unlike Daily Soup, bread is not included in the price, so if you get bread, soup, and a drink, it is not realy that inexpensive.
      They always play great music and the people that work there are very friendly and accomodating. There are two areas in the store/restaurant. You can eat in the cheese shop (pasta, soup, limited salads)or order in the cheese shop and eat in the restaurant, or order and eat in the restaurant ( the menu is a little larger).

    2. Great option for take out or delivery pasta dinner.