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Mar 6, 2001 08:31 PM

Huacatay! My kingdom for some Huacatay!!!

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Dear Sisters and Brothers: Does anyone out there have an idea on how I can obtain the Peruvian herb Huacatay in the NYC area? It's as great as legal herbs get, but it's very hard to find. Please help!

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  1. did you try angelica's herbs on first and like 10th (give or take two blocks)?

    the staff is beyond rude, but they have every herb you're ever likely to get. I'm not sure why more cooks don't make use of that store.

    You may want to use the Latin name: Tagetes minuta (it's from the marigold family).

    If Angelica's doesn't work, send up another flare and I'll give you info on peruvian grocers.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      They have a location in Grand Central. They're worth a try, as they usually have everything.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I deal with Angelica, and I do not find her rude; in my experience, she is helpful and businesslike, even kind. I had trouble getting rid of a cough last year and she prescribed a mixture of herbs and patiently explained to me and my then-girlfriend how to boil it and how much honey to add to it, also answering some additional questions. It worked, and I like to call Angelica the "Good Witch of the East Village" as a result. The store is indeed on the northwest corner of 10th and 1st Av.

        1. re: Michael L.

          There's an Angelica? I never seen her...have only dealt with obvious part-timers and a couple of very "difficult" guys who work there. But it's been a while.

          But that's the answer, I suppose....ask for Angelica!

          Either way, their stock is incredibly exhaustive and reliably high-quality.

      2. So much talking but where is that fresh huacatay in Manhattan???
        so does Angelica has it??

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        1. re: CubaItalyNYC

          Angelica Herbs on First Ave. closed several years ago.

        2. The original comment has been removed