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Mar 6, 2001 12:59 PM

B-day dinner recommendations - Sun. nite

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Looking for recommendations for a special birthday dinner for a group of 6 thirty-somethings this Sunday -- good food (obviously), but also a nice setting with upbeat ambiance (but not too noisy) -- guest of honor is a Connecticut mother of 2 young kids who doesn't get into the City much these days, and another person is coming up from DC just for the meal.

Would prefer to keep the tab under around $60 per person (we're not big drinkers).

Someone suggested Asia de Cuba -- anyone been lately?


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  1. I don't know what "upbeat ambiance" means, really, but I had a fine birthday dinner last year at Savoy, which has also gotten excellent writeups on this board lately, and I also liked a fairly recent dinner at I Coppi very much. Both are tastefully (i.e. not overwhelmingly) fancy fine-dining establishments that provided good, helpful, friendly, and unsnobbish service for my party. Good luck getting reservations on short notice, and Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll pass on your birthday wishes.

      By "upbeat ambiance" I mean a lively crowd enjoying themselves, not a sedate Park Ave. ladies who lunch kind of crowd (as I imagine Le Bernardin would be). Where 6 old (and getting older) friends who don't see each other often could occaisonally burst out laughing and feel like we're contributing to a generally happy mood, not disturbing a subdued silence.

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        how about odeon? i've always had a good time there and the atmosphere is great..
        there's a great portuguese restuarant on greenwich street called pao that's fun. it's small but ive always thought the food was excellent, although friends thought the menu was a little seafood heavy..

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          Well, I hesitate to reveal the choice thus far (since it didn't fare too well on this board), but I made a reservation at Blue Water Grill.

          No luck at Aquagrill, Grammercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, Blue Hill or Chicama. Savoy seemed too cozy and romantic for this group. We have one picky eater, so I don't think Portugese would work.


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            Caitlin McGrath

            FWIW, I've had a few quite good meals at Blue Water Grill, and it's definitely a lively atmosphere for a get-together.

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              Thanks for the reassurance! It's worth a lot!

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              My ex-girlfriend (and still very close friend) has good taste in restaurants and enjoys Blue Water Grill very much; it might be fair to describe it as one of her favorites. Somehow, we've never gone there together; we usually go to places we haven't been to before or places in my neighborhood (East Village) or hers (Park Slope).

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            I Coppi might be just the place. It is not a quiet restaurant (though not annoyingly loud, either).

        2. Ruby Foos on the upper west side is fun for such a group. The food is good and perfect for sharing, the atmosphere is great for what you are looking for,and make sure you save room for the chocolate cake.