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Mar 2, 2001 10:55 AM

riverrun has closed

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The best bar downtown is no more. My buddy says the sign on their window says "Tribeca is gone...and so are we."

A true loss.

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    David Jacobson

    The chairs and tables have moved to the Brazen Head on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn

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    1. re: David Jacobson

      What's the Brazen Head? Is it new and where on Atlantic is it?

      1. re: efdee
        David Jacobson

        It's on Atlantic between Boerum & Court on north side and opened last August, same ownership group as Riverun, Blind Tiger, Shark Bar, Gate etc

        1. re: David Jacobson

          Does the Brazen Head also serve food or is it just a bar?

            1. re: David Jacobson

              Speaking of the Brazen Head, that bar seriously annoyed me recently, when I ordered a Guinness there, and it came in what looked a lot like a regular imperial pint glass, and yet was noticeably undersized. This not long after I heard (secondhand) of a Park Slope bar owner gloating about how he gives people 14 oz. "pints," and nobody notices. Well, in the case of the Brazen Head, I noticed, and I'm sure others do as well. It doesn't strike me as a very good long-term business strategy, when you weigh the disgruntlement of customers who perceive that they're being shortchanged against the saved cost of a couple ounces of beer.

              1. re: Chris E.
                David Jacobson

                The standard "Libby" glass that most bars pass off as a pint glass holds exactly 16 ounces of fluid. When you account for a normal head on a pint fo beer you end up with about 14 ounces. Those faux imperial pints are becoming more common. The Brooklyn Waterfront Alehouse sells an imperial pint for a dollar sur-charge