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Mar 2, 2001 10:19 AM

Food at Zum Schneider?

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Last time I was at Zum Scheider on Ave C (in September), they had pretzels but no real food yet -- but I recall that they had plans to get their wurst on in the near future. Anyone know whether they have sausages etc? Any good?


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  1. Going tonight. Will let you know.

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    1. re: wayne

      They are STILL working on their kitchen - it's been going on for many months now. Menu is still limited to a cold cut platter, a sausage platter, leberkase and 2-3 other items. I tried a little of the cold cut and sausage - good stuff. Cold cuts were basically slices of suelze, braunschweiger, various other wurst, and slices of several cheeses. Sausage plate came with 3 (weiss, brat), sauerkraut and an interesting potato salad. Basket of rye bread comes with them and you use it to make little sandwiches and mop everything up. High-quality munchies to have with their fine selection of brews in addition to the free pretzels.

      1. re: wayne
        Brendan Taylor

        I actually ended up going on Friday night also and had the same - sausage platter and cold cut and cheese platter. In fact, so did the 4 people sitting next to us - maybe this was you? funny.

        In any case, I thought the food was great and reasonably priced. Sausage, kraut, potato salad were all quite good.