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Mar 1, 2001 08:11 PM

Pico: good? bad? indifferent?

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I was curious if anyone had been to Pico and what their impressions were. (it didn't turn up on a search--I know it's new-ish, but I figured there'd be at least a little something).

I was planning a small (in number of atendees, not quantity of food) 31st birthday dinner and was originally going to go the old-school steakhouse route. I've never been to Peter Luger and thought this would be a good opportunity.

But I was also tossing around the idea of Pico or maybe Meigas (I know neither are anything like Peter Luger).

Should I stick with the steak or branch out?

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  1. I had one of the best meals in NYC at Meigas about a year ago, for my 32nd birthday. I highly recommend it -- esp. the squid in ink sauce appetizer. It is really amazing. Good wine, excellent food, good service. There were only 2 of us for my 32nd, and it was pricey, but it stands out in my memory in terms of food quality.


    1. I had dinner at Pico this past Wednesday night. I (and the two friends I was with) thought the food was outstanding. I recommend it highly.

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        So, what did you order at Pico? I need details!

        I'm being swayed in the Latin-ish direction, it seems. I tried planting subtle seeds for Meigas as a Valentine's Day dining choice...somehow I ended up at Churrascaria Plataforma. These things happen.

        1. re: Krista

          I had the Tuna Tartare appetizer (very good) and the suckling pig entree (excellent). One of my friends had the octopus (tender and delicious) to start (I'm spacing on what my other friend had for an app); for entrees my friends had the duck (tremendous -- probably the best of the three entrees we had) and the rouget (also excellent).

          Unlike certain recent Grimes 3-star ratings (e.g., AZ, which to me is far better in concept than in execution), I thought the food at Pico absolutely deserved a 3-star rating. Also, while I've only been to Pico once, another friend has been on 2 separate occasions and shares my thoughts regarding the food.

          Service was excellent; our waiter was very knowledgeable about Portugese food and the sommelier made an excellent recommendation for a relatively inexpensive Portugese red (unfortunately, I've forgotten what it was).

          All-in-all, dinner for 3 people (including said bottle of wine, 2 ports, tax and tip) was about $270 and well worth it.

      2. I can't help you with your steak house dilemma, but I have been to Pico (just last week), and Meigas, too. I enjoyed Pico much more than Meigas, largely because of the staff. Everyone at Pico was extremely accommodating and gracious--I wish I could say the same about our service at Meigas, which was indifferent at best. Both restaurants had delicious and interesting food. The appetizers and desserts were particularly good at Pico. And I suppose I enjoyed Pico's atmosphere more too--it was warmer than at Meigas. And Pico had cozy booths, which might suit your party, depending on the size of your group.