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Mar 1, 2001 06:41 AM

Recommendations for West 20's.

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I would be curious to know what recommendations any of you might have for good/decent restaurants in the lower 20's in Chelsea between 6th and 8th Avenues. Thanks.

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  1. You don't specify what type of food you're looking for but off the top of my head, these are the restaurants I like in that area:

    Alley's End (most romantic atmosphere)311 E. 17 St., 627-8899
    L'Acajou, 53 W. 19 St., 645-1706
    Bright Food Shop, 218 8th Ave., 243-4433
    Gascogne, 158 8th Ave., 675-6564
    Intermezzo, 202 8th, 929-3433
    Vox (creative) 168 8th, 646-486-3188

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    1. re: Ruby

      I wouldn't call Alley's End romantic at all, and the food I had there 2 years ago was quite mediocre.

      Vox, both times I was there (I had the macadamia-crusted mahi mahi) was very good. It's a scene on weekends, though, with bizarre dance music. Weekdays are a lot more mellow.

      1. re: Diane

        Romantic is kind of subjective but I was at Alley's End just a couple of weeks ago so maybe it changed since your last visit.

    2. Other good choices:

      Red Cat on 10th ave betw 23/24
      Tazza on 8th ave at 20th
      Chelsea Bistro and Bar on 23rd betw 8/9 (yummy higher end French)
      La Luncheonette on 10th ave at hmmm 18th?

      1. Also Cuba Libre on 8th below 23rd

        Grand Schezuan Int'l on 9th just above 23rd

        Peppe Giallo on 10th just above 23rd - great value

        18th and 8th (location obvious)

        Le Gamin on 9th below 23rd for crepes

        F&B for a quick hot dog and beer on 23rd

        Le Petite Abeille on a side street between 6th and 7th near Bed Bath and Beyond

        Spice on 8th below 23rd - can't vouch for the "authenticity", but tasty inexpensive Thai

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        1. re: Lisa Z

          o knowledgeable person, can you tell me if any of these has a nice peaceful bar where you can find somewhere to sit down?

          1. re: tamara

            Chelsea Bistro (23rd bet 8th & 9th closer to 9th has a nice usually quiet (on weekdays) bar. Smoking permitted, dining @ bar also fine.

            1. re: Roger Lee

              thank you so much! looking forward to trying it

        2. Chelsea Bistro,but don't be seated in the back room.

          1. I haven't been in some time, but I have always had wonderful meals in a pleasant setting at La Luncheonette.