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Feb 27, 2001 11:29 AM

Carnivorers at Campo--Upper West Side South American Grill

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Had an excellent take-out experience from Campo, the South American grill at 502 Amsterdam Ave (bet 84th and 85th St) (212) 874-4559, which I'd just discovered this past Sunday. However--using my "search" button, I note that posters some months back were not as thrilled.

Maybe the restaurant now has its act together!? What we ordered was a very good quality beef assortment--we didn't venture into their other realms, but will definitely go for some appetizers next time (which included Matambre--a stuffed roasted veal with Russian salad; and Lengua a la Parilla Guisada--grilled beef tongue--served on mushroom stew.) Gotta applaud and at least support their efforts to offer unusual dishes by ORDERING them. So, I'll be doing another "test" menu very soon ("be still my arteries...)

What we DID eat (two of us sharing) was a $25 Assorted Grilled Meats dish, which arrived in a large container, absolutely bursting its casing, with huge portions of all my South American favorites: Skirt Steak, sweet breads, blood sausage, Argentinian sausage and a Grilled Shell Steak. We couldn't believe the value.

The meat was well-marinated, tender and cooked as requested--rare. The caller who took our order was extremely polite (he even called back to say their Russian salad was not yet ready and did we want to substitute another side item, rather than wait.)

Living on the Upper West Side, a meal like this (particularly for take-out), can be a small miracle. I've grown so weary of all the dull, unimaginative stuff we put up with in this neighborhood. So--'tho I have no idea how Campo compares to most other NYC Argentinian eateries--having eaten at only 2 or 3--I'm pretty happy about my discovery. And next time, I'll try the barbecued tripe, as well.

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  1. I posted a fairly positive review of Campo a while back. Perhaps the search engine missed it?

    I like Campo. It's nice to have such a place in the neighborhood. In addition to the meats you mentioned the chicken soup is very good.

    One question I posted earlier is whether what they translate as skirt steak is what we mean by skirt steak. In Spanish it was entrana. It tasted fine, but it didn't taste like skirt steak.

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      The skirt steak (Entrana) that arrived the other night (as part of the mixed grill) definitely looked--and tasted--like the skirt steak I grew up with (a popular item with our family,) and the cut of meat I buy from Citarella's. I always identify this cut by its delicious and decisive (slightly gamey) flavor.

      Whether it's REAL South American skirt steak--I'm not sure. (And, if you presented me with one of those beef parts posters, I'd be hard-pressed to "pin the tail" on the right part of the cow!) But the piece they served was, indeed, skirt steak, as I've always known it--and it was a winner. I had also ordered an additional order of skirt steak, on its own, for my husband--so I had way too much opportunity to be certain I was right about the cut. (such a wickedly rich meat!) I wonder if, perhaps, they mistakenly served you a different cut?

      I'm looking at the menu right now, on my desk--and choosing a date for my next arterial expedition---when, once more, I can make absolutely certain that I've got my facts straight! :-)

      And, this time, I'll include the chicken soup you suggested.

    2. We had Sunday Brunch there last weekend since they were not packed like the other UWS restaurants we passed. It was actually pretty good. We had steak& eggs. The steak was a bit fatty but very favorful, and properly cooked to order.The homefries were nice. The herbed butter and muffins were a nice touch. The service was attentive. All in all it was a pleasant experience.

      I liked the waitress' way of asking if we wanted alcohol with Brunch. She asked (jokingly) if we wanted to "get drunk". :)

      I have to go back there for dinner sometime.

      How are their empanadas, btw?


      1. Good to know they deliver! I love the place.

        Don't know how well they'd travel, but the french fries with garlic and parsley are great, and the dulce de leche crepe dessert is one of the richest things I've ever had.