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Feb 26, 2001 03:13 PM

Restaurant Show @ Javitts

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Anyone go yet? Any tasty must seek items? Thanks

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  1. Went to the Show yesterday. As for unusual items, I sampled some "lox ice cream"......pieces of Nova Scotia salmon in a vanilla ice cream base. Surprisingly, not at all disagreeable! Nothing too radical at the Show this year. Grilled ostrich sirloin was quite good, as were a fairly large variety of unusual beers (many off-beat heffeweizen or wheat beers). The pastry competition was perhaps the best I've ever seen, with some truly remarkable chocolate sculptures. All in all, it made for a pleasant day.

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    1. re: BarryO
      Michele Cindy

      I agree with you Barry, nothing to amazing at the show, but it was a fun time. The oddest thing I tasted was vanilla cheese, and I can't say anything other then it was odd. I too sampled the ostrich, but strangely all I could think about was how they kill them, you know those long necks decapitated made me a bit squeamish! There was a few interesting beverages. I like the fig flavored vodka and the Tangauray 10 was pretty good.
      Hopefully next years will be better.

      1. re: Michele Cindy
        Michael Messier

        Does one have to be in the business to gain entrance to the NYC food show?