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Feb 24, 2001 09:37 PM

Turning 30

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Where should a girl go on her 30th birthday where she can have great food and not feel too old nor too young??? Any suggestions appreciated

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  1. Go to Tabla. It's food uses Indian spices with American cusine in an innovative not clashing or weird way. For mains they have fish,lamb,scallops and beef.The room is very attractive with beautiful wood and mosiacs,it's modern but not flashy. The wine list is interestig and varied. The service is friendly and welcoming.It's Prix Fixe with several tasting menus.

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    1. re: howard

      I went to Tabla for my 37th -- it was an older more sedate crowd.

      1. re: Lisa Z

        There was a nice mix of different ages from twentysomething up when I was there.It's not a stuffy place.I think it's good for a special occasion dinner.Maybe you see it as being not young and festive enough.What did you think of the food?

        1. re: howard

          The crowd when I was there seemed more businessy, tho the downstairs bar was hopping when we left.

          Don't remember specifics, but loved the appetizers, bread and desserts. I wasn't that thrilled with main course choices - lots of fish, which isn't a favorite of mine. Service was really superb -- attentive and knowledgeable.

          1. re: Lisa Z

            Tis true the downstairs bar and restaurant,The Bread Bar, is more lively and younger, partly because it's less expensive. Friends have told me the food is also very good but they don't take reservations.

            1. re: howard

              The Bread Bar does take reservations -- made them for 2 a few Thursday nights ago...for a really great meal.

              1. re: eblin

                *Full Disclosure: I work for Danny Meyer

                Bread Bar has recently changed its policy and now does take limited reservations. About 1/3 of the seats are allotted to be reserved, and the remaining are open for walk-in seating, as before. Enjoy!

    2. Tasting Room on East 1st and 1st ave. No pretense... excellent food... great for a small (5 or under) group... awesome wine list.

      Staff is very friendly and knowledgable.

      Plan ahead early as it's a hard place to get a table.