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Feb 24, 2001 01:36 AM

Metsovo -- a Ray of Hope in 72nd and Columbus St. area

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I remember posting a negative note about this area. I'm often at this intersection looking place to eat. I remember reading Eric Asimov's favorable review of Metsovo, a Greek place run by the owners of the mediocre Aegean around the corner on Columbus.
Metsovo, at 65 W. 70, serves Greek peasant dishes at upscale prices. A friend and I had a terrific meal -- no losers. My friend had two appetizers, the calamari and octupus salad, and the country salad. Both were delicious. I also enjoyed the c&o salad, and my entree, the goat in a lemony yogurt sauce with large hunks of spinach, was stunning. The bread was delicate and flavorful. A beautiful room with caring, gentle service.

Were we just lucky or is this not one of the very best non-cheap (entrees ranged between $15 and 25 or so) restaurants on the UWS?

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