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Feb 23, 2001 12:45 PM

Scalinatella; comments please read some posts it is good; any updates??...

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This is for my wife's 50th and she likes Italian; Any feedback appreciated



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    Mike Catucci (Sandman)

    I also came to this site looking for good italian places for my wifes 50th. She also loves good italian food, but is not very adventuresome. Scalinatella fits the bill. I was all set to go to San Domenico and at the last day, a guy here suggested this place, and I was not disapointed. Do a search, I wrote a review after we went. The food is incredible, it really is. The place is small but is cozy and borders on romantic. The service is top notch, excellent. And best of all there is parking right next door. Any other questions please feel free to ask. I was just there on 12/17/00


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    1. re: Mike Catucci (Sandman)

      Thanks for the reply; think I read your post when you visited Sc and that is what put it up as a possible; entirely unrelated question re your 'sandman' handle. Seen that handle on Hemscott BB is that you?


      1. re: Phil

        Hey Phil,
        "Sandman" is a handle I use for many stops. I am not really sure what Hemscott is? What is the subject matter? I may be going there and not know it by Hemscott?


        1. re: Mike(Sandman)

          Hemscott is a bulletin board focused on share/indices trading