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Feb 23, 2001 06:40 AM

HELP please; coming from UK for wife's 50th; recommendations for

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an Italian restaurant; good food; good atmosphere; friendly service and of course good wine



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  1. Phil, I'd like to recommend Babbo, one of Mario Batali's restaurants. I was taken there for a major birthday too. I'm seeing on the Manhattan board here this morning that they have a new maitre'd, though I had no complaints with the old one. The service, atmosphere, and especially the food and wine, were among the best in my memory. There are numerous reports here on this restaurant that you can access using the search feature on the homepage. Others have described the food much better than I can.

    It's important to know when you'll be in New York because reservations can be difficult to get. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Phil and have a wonderful time, wherever you end up. pat

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    1. My personal favorite is Il Mulino (86 W. 3rd Street, 212-673-3783) although it can get crowded at the bar. The owner, Fernando, seems to me to be a Romantic and I bet if you called him, you'd definitely get a reservation and a good table for March 16.

      I've not been as yet but I've also heard positive comments about: San Domenico (240 Central Park South, 212-265-5959) such as luxurious atmosphere and good food/service. Also, Primavera (82nd Street & First Avenue, 212-861-8608) It's expensive but excellent and has an old-world charm.

      I wouldn't mind bringing in a birthday that ends in a zero at any of these places! Cheers, Ruby

      P.S. You might also want to do a search on the Chowhound boards.

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        For what it's worth: My daughter's rehearsal dinner was at San Domenico. We all felt they did a superb job for such a large crowd. However, I feel certain from reading discussions on this board, that far better Italian food for the price may be had in Manhattan.

        1. go to piccola venezia in astoria queens ny. 5 min. from laguardia airport. they also ave a website. also search this website for info about it. great food, incredible italian wine list,this is not one of those trendy restaurants in nyc. this is the real deal!!! don't miss it.

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            Paul, Steven Kaye has an outstanding idea here. Piccolo Venezia would be perfect. And a trip to Queens would be an adventure that not many visitors to New York have. The outer boroughs of New York have an amazing wealth of terrific restaurants and this is certainly one. A cab ride probably won't cost you much over $20. I'm assuming you'll have additional time to soak up the flavor of Manhattan. Go for it! pat