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Feb 22, 2001 10:28 PM

New, Improved Bouley Bakery?

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Got reservations in March at Bouley's, but all I can find on the Net is fairly "old" information where people complain (from 1999) or can't wait for the "new" restaurant. Newspaper reviews also are "old". Anyone with a late 2000 or recent experience and/or suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I had a great experience dining there several weeks ago. It was on a Thursday night at 7, and contrary to the experiences of those who posted regarding long waits, we were shown to our table right away (we've always had good luck at BB with prompt seating, but we tend to avoid Saturday night). The service was friendly and attentive without being intrusive, and the food was, as usual, quite wonderful.

    We both had the degustation dinner, as we like to sample a number of things. Right away, we were brought a crabmeat dish that was not on the menu, and then had the shrimp and scallops in phyllo. Both were delicious, with a bright, clean flavor.

    Next, I had the lobster, which was served in an unusual manner, with a sort of horseradish "borscht". It could have been a disaster, but somehow they pulled off the trick of having such a strong flavor compliment rather than hide the lobster taste. My wife had the rouget, which I have to admit I hardly noticed, being focused on that lobster! Then on to scrumptious lamb for me, and a moist, succulent roast partridge for her.

    Cantaloupe soup was refreshing, and the chocolate souffle with incredible ice creams and sorbet made us both very happy!

    Add to this such attributes as an extremely attractive ambience, and a convenient downtown location (convenient for us, anyway), and I'd have to call Bouley Bakery one of my absolute favorite NYC restaurants.

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      Had dinner at Bouley a month ago, for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got venison, which was excellent. We actually had no reservation, but lucked out when we walked in off the cuff, and were seated immediately -- on a Friday night. Service was very attentive and the meal was quite delightful. I like the elegant-grottish feel.

    2. I was at Bouley Bakery in October of 2000 and it was amazing. Excellent food, service, and ambiance. It's definitely one of my favorites.

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        I too was there in December after having been there when it first opened, years ago: much better, a bigger room now also. I was talking to the maitre'd about Danube, and he told me he thought the food being turned out at BB was better these days, and he seemed genuine.



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          Thanks to you all for your responses! I am so excited to be going to Bouley Bakery - and glad to know that the new, improved restaurant is well received. Will post a "reply" with our comments after our visit in early March! Bon Appetit!


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            Hello to all the folks that helped with responses about this fine restaurant. Since most prior reviews were a year or more old, I asked for a recent experience. We dined on 3/10/01 at the Bouley Bakery and had a marvelous time. Low key atmosphere, no "rushing" and yet very prompt service. The extensive selections on the Chef's sampler were well-selected and offering consistency between courses. The selection of breads was superb, as were the delectable dessert treats served on a tiered stand. We picked just tiny nibbles of a number of miniature desserts from this display. It was just the right send-off to accompany the chosen entree dessert. The experience was quite satisfying and well-worth the price.