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Feb 21, 2001 03:25 PM


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Has anyone tried about this restaurant (75th and 2nd Ave). There is absolutely no mention of it on chowhound. I would appreciate any comments.

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  1. I don't think that Baraonda is anything special. It is a mediocre Italian place that seems to be typical of the upper east side. I was there a few months back. I had a veal ravioli in a butter sage sauce which was a little dry.

    If you are looking for other moderately priced restaurants in that immediate area Pamir and Sultan are both pretty good middle eastern restaurants and they are both a couple of doors down from Baraonda

    For Italian in that area, I think that Bella Donna on 77th is good for a decent bowl of pasta. However, Bella Donna is a small place with no atmosphere so it is better to get take out.

    None of these places are really worth a trip -- only go if you live in the neighborhood.