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Feb 21, 2001 11:16 AM

Tip on organic fruit

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Now that organic fruit/vegs are more easily available, including local supermarkets, I wanted to share a tip with Chowhounds as I find some places that sell both organic & non-organic say a fruit is organic when it's not.

Tip: Check the numbers on those annoying stickers that are placed on fruit, such as apples & oranges. An organic one will start with the number '9' such as 9022 and a non-organic one will start with the number '4' like 4043.

I don't know if certain stores just make an honest mistake but I have pointed this out to store managers and they still insist the '4' fruit is organic. Why pay more for organic if it's your generic ethylene-sprayed non-organic. Sometimes the actual box the fruit/veg arrived in is still displayed and the label on the box is a telltale sign. Ruby

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    Peter B. Wolf

    Thank you, Thank you. This is about the most worthy advise given in todays times. I have been known to be sarcastic and sort of "know-it-all" (at least some people tell me). But: I DID NOT KNOW THIS about the labeling. Again thank you. Peter.

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    1. re: Peter B. Wolf

      You're very welcome, Peter. The labeling isn't something that is general knowledge yet and that's why I posted it for other chowhounds. And you don't sound to me like a "know-it-all" as these types won't admit to Not Knowing. Ruby

    2. Thanks - great tip!

      Please post the places that are mislabelling their produce. That's appalling (and probably illegal).

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      1. re: Lisa Z

        Hi, Lisa-it's not so much that places are intentionally 'mislabeling' but that people often assume if they're in a natural foods market (such as Healthy Pleasures, and I list them only as an example, or in the organic section of a supermarket,) that all produce is organic when in fact it's not. The produce may just not be in season and the store buys from other non-organic sources. That's why it's good to check the label. Hope this clears it up.

        IMO, the only organic store that I believe sells only organic and doesn't mix in anything else is Integral Yoga on West 13th Street. I'm not affiliated with them but have come to trust their selections over the years. It's not the most glamorous market as compared to others but this hound doesn't care. Ruby