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Feb 21, 2001 12:59 AM

Stellar Sichuan in Queens

  • j

Hey, Manhattanites...get ye to Queens. Again. This time, for Lion Pavilion, which totally totally blows away Grand Sichuan (either branch). Read my dining diary entry for today (use link below) to hear about some of the best food I've eaten in ages.

I'm not sure Sichuan food can get better than this.


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  1. Jim, that is an old Dairy entry from January, not an entry from today. If you did write about Lion Pavillion again, I would love to read about it since it is only a few blocks from me.


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    1. re: Jayask

      It's up on my home page. Date is Feb. 21, Sichuan Splendor! In fact I made a print-out. pat

      1. re: Jayask


        I just opened the link and got yesterday's diary entry. Maybe you have an old copy of the page cached -- try clicking your browser's "Reload" button.

        1. re: Jeremy Osner

          It was cashed in several plazes on my harddrive, so after much deleting and reloading of webpages, I can now read the article. Thanks.