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Blue Velvet 1929

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Went to this rather bare-bones little Vietnamese on Sunday night. It was really much too nippy a night for us to be eating what we ordered--should have ordered the pho but weren't hungry enough. But this was my first visit and I think I might give it another crack when the weather warms up a little. We ordered four appetizers: spring rolls, grilled eggplant, pineapple and shrimp salad, stuffed fried squid. The spring rolls were very cold and had obviously been held in the fridge too long. Disappointing. I love grilled eggplant and I know that Vietnamese food isn't supposed to knock you over, that it's more subtle, but I thought this was a little under-seasoned. The shrimp and pineapple salad was absolutely delicious--spicy without being hot and beautifully presented (as was all the food) in a halved pineapple. Liked the stuffed squid, too, which was very subtle but delicious--filled with a creamy paste that included finely chopped shrimp, lightly breaded and greaselessly fried, garnished with slivered mint and basil. The service was well-meaning but confused and slow. But since I live so near by and liked the shrimp salad and squid so much, I think a return visit is in order to check up on some of the entrees.

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  1. This place is just dreadful. Much much better: Cyclo, just one block away 1st av between 12th and 13th. J