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Feb 19, 2001 01:32 PM

Museum of Natural History

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Can someone suggest a good Italian or American restaurant located in close proximity to the Museum of Natural History?

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  1. For close-by Italian, there is Spazzia on Columbus and 77th (sister restaurant to Spartina, downtown). Good thin-crust pizza. Nice place. have had a couple of good meals there.
    For more American, try Avenue on Columbus and 85th. I really like this place (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

    1. Scalletas is right across the street on 77th Street.

      1. Spazzia does have great pizzas, but I've found the staff exceedingly obnoxious, so I refuse to go back. The staff at La Grolla (80th and Amsterdam) is more gracious, and the food is excellent. For American, I'd recommend Fred's (83rd and Amsterdam). Or for something very quick and casual there's EJ's (81st and Amsterdam) or Columbus Bakery (83rd and Columbus).

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          I agree about the pizza at Spazzia, but not about the staff. They were fine the couple times I've been there. Nothing special, but certainly not obnoxious.

          Perhaps it's a time of day thing....I've been there for brunch.

        2. Check out the vastly improved cafeteria there- used to be forlorn school lunch set up - now, gourmet grazing.

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            The cafeteria at the museum is really good for a museum cafeteria.