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Feb 19, 2001 11:38 AM

Midtown Breakfast

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Any good ideas for places to have breakfast in Midtown?

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  1. I found a place yesterday.
    Cafe Edison, next to the hotel.
    47 betw br and 8th.

    Pricey. Tourists (it is a hotel restaurant silly). But talk about old school New York.

    Everything a NY restaurant should be. Crusty staff with thick accents. Beautiful old school NY architecture and decor. Very interesting artitectural elements on the ceiling.

    I went in to grab a bagel with smear and lox. I ordered at the counter and sat on silver stools with red tops while I waited. I gazed at the ceiling in awe. I glanced at the interesting strangers eating there. The guy sipping coffee alone. The family eating pancakes. I felt like I stepped back in time to my childhood days in New York.
    Then I shuddered as I forked over $10 for my bagel.

    Want some place cheaper?
    Evergreen on 47th bet 6 and 7. Cheap diner. Food is fine. No ambience man.

    Want the best breakfast in midtown?
    Walk over to 9th and 40something and eat at Westside Diner. Great for hangover. Best diner in Manhattan hands down. I will arm wrestle you for that statement.