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Feb 18, 2001 11:07 AM

red cat

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Had dinner last night at Red Cat, 227, 10th ave , (b/w 23 &24), 242-1122. Good, earthy, flavorsome, unfussy cooking, with Mediterranaean influences. Has a bistro feel.I had fried sardines to start, quite large still with bone in: succulent. I also sampled the pear with stilton salad-good too. My main calf’s liver was juicy and tasty. Warning: these are much thicker slices than the norm (around one inch thick). I originally asked for med-rare, but this seemed a little underdone and I requested medium. There was no fuss in returning the dish for further cooking. At medium, the liver was still pinkish in the middle, as I like it. Simply presented with greens with galic. And, oh, the accompanying fries were fantastic! Some of the best I've tasted in a while. I sampled the fruit tart with cream. Again very good.

This is a very attractive place. Warm colors, on the small side, but tables not crowded together. Service attentive.

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    Barrie Covington

    Yvonne - glad you posted this. I've eaten at this restaurant several times, and was impressed each time with the quality of the food, and the service.

    The last time I was there, I had the liver dish as well and it was excellent.

    I usually go for tea and a snack nearby at the Wild Lily Tearoom if I get into the neighborhood before dinner. It's on 22nd, I think, between 10th & 11th. Another nice little spot in this area.

    1. I love this place! Good service, excellent fish, and a nice crowd. I've had venison, skate, and trout, if I remember correctly, and have always had excellent meals. The appetizers are quite good as well, as are the desserts. There are a few tables they won't reserve, to leave room for walk-ins. And they've got radishes with salt for dipping at the bar, a fun touch.

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        Yes... Red Cat is very yummy.. great atmosphere. However, I'd recommend using for reservations. Yes, they do hold some tables open for walkins but i've found that, as the restaurant becomes more of a destination rather than a neighborhood haunt (I live very close), if you don't have a reservation you're relegated to one of the very noisy tables next to the kitchen. One time when this happened I requested to move to one of the available 2 tops and the waiter said "these were about to be pushed together for a party of four". Finally, thirty minutes later, they were pulled apart for two separate parties of 2.

        One minor complaint I have is that the wine list, in my opinion, is aimed at a higher price point than the menu (entrees are 20-25). There are very few wines on the list under $60. This makes dropping in there for the weeknight meal somewhat expensive. Perhaps they are trying to move to a "destination" restaurant.

        I still like this restaurant and the first time I dined there (with a reservation) it was WONDERFUL! (still wish i remembered the waitress' name).

        In summary, if you're gonna do Red Cat, plan ahead with a reservation.

        1. re: Barry

          I think if you are there early, it's OK to walk in, but I otherwise agree completely with your observations, including those vis-a-vis the wine list. Would also like to see a slightly more exciting selection of wines available by the glass. But I like Red Cat very, very much and to the aforementioned recommendations for the skate, gorgonzola-stuffed pear and sardines I would also add one for the delicious tempura green beans, which are great as an appetizer or side (if shared--they are rich and it's a generous portion). And the service is great.