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Feb 13, 2001 01:54 PM

Best Hot Dogs in the city

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I am a hot dog lover from New Jersey. We have many excellent places here including Syd's (my favorite) Jerry's, Max's, the Windmill (soon to be expanding into New York) Galloping Hill Inn, and Rutts Hutt. What is the best hot dog in NYC? I just had one from Papaya King and Gray's Papaya. Both were excellent, although I preferred Papaya King. As good or better than Syd's. I hear that F&B in Chelsea serves the famous Usinger Frank. How does that compare to Papaya King? What, in your opinion is the best hot dog in the city? I'm looking to visit soon. Oh, and I heard Katz's deli makes a great dog too.

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  1. Katz's, Katz's, Katz's. And the knoblewurst's not bad, either. Wash it down with a Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Tonic. Not recommended for those on a low sodium diet.

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    1. re: Bill Bock

      The actual hot dog at Katz's is very good. I just don't care for the bun - too doughy, room temp., etc.

      My favorite is Gray's Papaya - well done dogs, and nice toasty buns!

      1. re: Joe Blowe

        Try the totally uncelebrated but perfect Nick's truck on the east side of the BQE at Vandervoort on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Just a perfect jumbo natural casing Sabrett with homemade chili and red onion sauce (not from a can). If you've ever wondered why people buy Sabretts from carts in Manhattan (or how they can eat those skinless erasers),this will show you how they used to be.

    2. All these places are great. my favorite straight up dog is at Katz's. Ask for it well done, the crispy skin is outrageous.

      F&B is very good for a change of pace. lots of nontraditional salsas, relishes and toppings. underlying dog is excellent and they cook em to order.
      for some reason a lot of people at chowhound think it's average and not worth the price, but i am always satisfied. try the farm dog.

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      1. re: matt

        I love F&B. It is the best Hot dog in the city and each Time I go there, it just gets better. They are always trying something new. keeping it fresh. Papaya king is great but boy, those dogs come back at you!
        Besides, great looking people, music, booze and dogs is an awesome combo. speaking of which - F&B has $5 combo dog,fries and lemonade.