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Feb 13, 2001 12:18 PM

Recommendations for lunch in the City Hall area

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I work in the Municipal Building on Centre Street and am looking for good, cheap places to eat.

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  1. Loads a few blocks north and east in Chinatown. Lots of discussion of New Green Bo here lately; that's the next place I want to try in Chinatown. Also, see the thread about the $4 lunch special near Chatham Square, which I haven't had a chance to try yet, either.

    1. Definitely head over to Chinatown. I'm jealous of your proximity! I work in the same general area, but a just a bit too far to make it an everyday option. I'd add Marco Polo Noodle Shop at 94 Baxter (do a search; there are a few posts about it) to the list of places to check out. For an even cheaper meal, try Bo Ky at 80 Bayard; I like the pork chops and the chicken curry or fish ball noodle soups. Outside of Chinatown, Alfanoose on Fulton just past Broadway has delicious and cheap Middle Eastern takeout. Their felafel with baba ghanouj and extra hot sauce is one of my favorite lunches.

      1. Not to far from there, I am pretty sure on Chambers street is a place called TJ's Southern Gourmet, Pretty good southern food. For under 10 bucks you can get a very nice and HEARTY lunch. Smotherd pork chops, Fried Chicken, Baked Mac and Cheese, Collard greens. You know your typical health food place.

        1. Gloria's on Broadway and Reade - Mexican with killer margaritas, not conducive to returning to work though.

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            Gloria's recently closed and reopened as a Mary Ann's.

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              and I think that's west Broadway

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                Wow! That was fast: it was Gloria's on January 5th...

            2. kitchenette on west broadway and warren (THEY DELIVER TOO!) IS AWESOME---EAT THE COCONUT CAKE!