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Feb 11, 2001 10:40 PM

La Foret closed, but still taking reservations...

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My date and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit early this year. Thanks to glowing reviews on Chowhound and Citysearch, we settled on La Foret on First and 88th. We called and made Saturday night reservations. But the hour arrived and we found ourselves pacing up and down First Ave. with no La Foret in sight. Finally we stopped at a pub on the same block and were informed that, yes, La Foret was next door -- but it had closed a few months ago! There is now a small upscale Indian restaurant in its place. The confusing part was that we had called beforehand. So I guess that, somewhere in Manhattan, we had 7 p.m. dinner reservations. But we have no idea where.

We ended up at Jasmine Thai on Second at 84th, which we'd both been meaning to hit anyway, and had a lovely (albeit not nearly as romantic as we'd planned) meal there. Service was hesitant at first, and they forgot our wine, but the food was fantastic. The Tom Yam Goong soup was spicy and full of shrimp, and the Gai Yarng chicken breast was massive and juicy. Goong Ta Krai shrimp was the perfect level of medium-hot, and all portions were more than enough to eat. Not at all what I expected to be eating, but yummy just the same.

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  1. I am SO glad I read this post. My husband and I had the exact same experience several weeks ago, only we had not called to make reservations. Amazingly, we also ended up at Jasmine and had a very nice Thai meal, just not what we expected. And ever since then I've been thinking that we screwed up by not calling ahead. Now I see that we could have ended up with the same evening even if we had called. Thanks for the validation!

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      I've been to La Foret (my apologies if you have, too) - you didn't miss anything. Guess that's why it's DOA.

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        Maybe Jasmine Thai took over the number and is taking reservations for the purpose of scooping up Foret's befuddled patrons, heheh.